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Beauty on the Edge

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What at first seemed like an impossibility turned into a reality when the owners of this Menomonee Falls residence consulted with a high-end builder who specializes in challenging projects.  The landscape architect/contractor, who collaborates with the builder, crafted a design that would satisfy all of the homeowner’s wants and needs while addressing the difficult nature of the site.  The client had numerous requests and a budget of approximately $600,000 - $700,000 for the outdoor elements (half for landscaping, half for pool/hot tub).  The specific requests included:

-          A pool with deep end, sun shelf and autocover

-          Custom hot tub

-          Pool house with bathroom and bar

-          Pergola

-          Fireplace

-          Water feature

Normally it is not difficult to incorporate all of the above elements into a design.  In this case, however, it was extremely challenging due to the steep backyard.  The landscape architect skillfully designed a two-level outdoor space that takes advantage of the grade change.  The upper level serves as the main artery to the house and the lower level consists of the activity elements: pool, pool house, hot tub, water features and fireplace.

Other principal limiting factors were the numerous setbacks, easement restrictions and municipal requirements.  The landscape architect defined the boundaries and got to work generating a design that maximized useable space in the tight confines.  Retaining wall height restrictions were addressed with careful placement of the walls outside of the rear easement and constant communication/review with the Village planner.

Installation of the miles of pipes, wire, etc. was a daunting task as well.  Attentive layout of sleeves in and across the hardscapes was paramount in order to avoid delays and costly errors.

Perhaps the most difficult challenge of this project was tight construction access.  Constant communication and schedule adjustments between the contractors and trades people was key to ensure the project was completed in a timely fashion.  It turns out the project was completed right on time for the homeowner’s Fourth of July pool party!

The final result was exactly what the client wanted – a beautiful new backyard for their family to enjoy for many years to come.  The hundreds of hours of design work, planning and coordination definitely paid off in the end!