Unique Masonry Features Add Expression
to Your Home

Structures enable the landscape to become three dimensional. While trees, shrubs and perennials add dimension to the landscape a precisely placed masonry pillar or courtyard wall accents that dimension with a stately refinement. Grasses dance in front of stonework, natural stone provides the backdrop for sparkling flowers. Everything is in harmony.

Do you have a vision of that one-of-a-kind entrance pillar or a custom outdoor grill surround? How about a warm and cozy fire place or fire pit? Our landscape designers have the ability to display the vision on paper and our expert installers have the ability to make it a reality at your home.

Lannon stone, granite, travertine, brick, bluestone and wood are just some of the many materials that can be incorporated into masonry structures. Allow our team to design and install a completely unique masonry structure that compliments your home and expresses your personality.