Our Nutritional Turf and Ornamental Plant
Management Program is Designed to Maximize
the Beauty of Your Landscape

Imagine a thick, lush lawn beneath your bare feet, and flourishing trees and shrubs throughout your property. Our licensed and certified turf and ornamental plant professionals understand the plants in your landscape, and will develop a custom care program to ensure that your landscape thrives to its fullest potential. We take a responsible approach to plant health care and our environment – treating your turf and plants only as needed.

Our approach to caring for your lawn and ornamental plants is unique.

Nutritional Turf Management

  • We apply a granular, slow-release fertilizer on every visit, 4 times during the season. This phosphorus-free product is effective for 6 to 8 weeks, depending on rainfall, allowing us to take advantage of our unpredictable weather patterns. Your lawn will benefit from a consistent feeding all season long, which will increase its density, improve its color and keep weeds to a minimum.
  • Weed control products are applied at the appropriate time, and only as needed, to maximize their benefit and minimize stress to your lawn.
  • Core aeration is completed in early fall allowing for optimal nutrient uptake, which means your lawn will get off to a strong start in spring.

Ornamental Plant Management

Your trees and shrubs are valuable commodities – we’re committed to maximizing their health and beauty. Our Ornamental Plant Management Program includes four tree and shrub applications, with treatments appropriately timed to manage pests and diseases. This will provide season-long protection for your ornamental landscape plants. During each visit, we will inspect all of your ornamental plants, but treat only those that need attention. In addition, you’ll receive a detailed report of the treatments provided, as well as any recommendations that we may have. We also provide customized protection programs for trees that are susceptible to common insects and diseases, including crabapple, birch and pine trees.