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Bret Achtenhagen, President & CEO

Author Bio

Bret grew up on a farm in Mukwonago where his family raised Quarter Horses and Cattle. It is on the farm that he developed a love for the land, nature and hard work. Within a few years of earning his Psychology degree Bret realized that he was not going to be content working in an office wearing a suit and tie everyday. Bret states “It’s ironic that many of my days on the farm were spent dreaming of a time when I would be able to wear nice clothes and work in an office and once I accomplished that goal I began dreaming of life back on the farm working with the land.”

Bret went back to school to study landscape design and construction. He founded Bret Achtenhagen’s Seasonal Services in 1994. For the first few years he was responsible for all of the day to day business duties, sales, production, payroll, design, vehicle & equipment maintenance and even cleaning the office. Soon Bret had recruited some very talented individuals who have excelled in their positions within the rapidly growing company. A team was born and the team has been going strong ever since. Now Bret spends most of his time representing his company as the primary landscape construction salesperson. It is his favorite duty because it allows him to be close to the creative process and close to his clients.