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One Landscaper and his family.
One Landscaper and his family.

Note: For the past few days our company has been in limbo... we are seeking clarification on what services we are able to provide to clients because of the recent SAFER AT HOME ORDER. I realize that there is now way that  Governor Evers will ever read my letter so I thought I'd share it with you.

Greetings Governor Evers,

I know that you have been receiving abundant feedback from the Landscaping Industry. I have one unique perspective I would like to offer. My company Bret Achtenhagen's Seasonal Services was founded in 1995 and we employ 100 people at our peak and those 100 people have approximately 250 dependents.

Our business located in the middle of Southeastern Wisconsin's lake country. Because of our location, we are hired and trusted by a large number of absentee lake home owners. We are receiving daily calls from these owners, most of whom currently reside in warmer clients. They depend on us to inspect their properties on a weekly basis and take care of the many essential maintenance requirements of a lake home. For example, seawall inspection and repair, shoreline damage, damage caused by ice heaving, structural damage to the property and much more. We also assist with making sure that the homes look lived in so the homes are not targeted for theft or vandalism.

If we do not assist these homeowners with their properties they may be forced to ignore the critical maintenance needs or worse, they may be forced to travel to Wisconsin to care for these properties themselves which would be a health and safety issue.

I believe that you will likely point out that much of this work is essential as defined in the SAFER AT HOME ORDER. However, we are already receiving calls from the public stating that landscaping is specifically mentioned in an official F.A.Q. document as Non-Essential. These callers are not sympathetic to our cause and some of the callers have been rather aggressive toward our staff - who are working from home. My team is also worried about being questioned and fined by law enforcement.

We are abiding by all COVID-19 recommendations. We crafted and implemented a one person per truck policy almost 2 weeks ago. In the construction industry, safety rules supreme and that includes COVID-19 safety practices. I know this is a demanding time for all governmental agencies. That I why your assistance with this matter is especially meaningful.

My Best Regards,

Bret Achtenhagen

President - Bret Achtenhagen's Seasonal Services

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