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The Designer Yard Show with Sarah Ehrhardt



The Designer Yard Show with Sarah Ehrhardt

February 13, 2016

Tradeshow season is in full swing, our staff has recently seen a number of new products that are sure to be trending this season. From reclaimed wood pavers to contemporary gas fire features and landscape lighting, Sarah Ehrhardt will be discussing these products on the Designer Yard Show, be sure to tune in Saturday February 13th at noon.

Techo-Bloc     |     Paloform     |    LED Lighting






Lighting System Comparison


Avg. # of Bulbs Used

Cost Per Bulb

Total Cost for Bulbs

Electricity cost per bulb

Total cost per fixture for 6 years

MR – 16 Halogen 35 Watt Bulb

(Incandescent System)











LED MR-16 bi-pin 6 Watt Bulb

(LED System)









Operational Cost for an Average System Running 15 Fixtures

Incandescent $246.10 x 15 = $3,691.50 / 6 Years = $615.25 / year to operate the entire system

LED $71.23 x 15 fixtures = $1068.45 / 6 years = $178.08 / year to operate the entire system


Cost of Fixtures

Incandescent path light = $130.00

LED path light = $212.00



Important Considerations

  • All LED fixtures are NOT the same – pay attention to warranty, as this will give you some indication of quality
  • Cheaper versions may offer a one-year warranty
  • Quality LED landscape Light fixtures offer 10-48 year warranties
  • Many Incandescent fixtures can be retrofitted – a 35 Watt halogen bulb can be replaced with a 5 watt LED bulb, resulting in an 80% saving in electric usage
  • Your initial investment in changing to LED bulbs gets paid back in a few years and you continue to save for the life of your landscape  
  • Select bulb by color temperature
  •  2700-300k work well outdoors – comparable to “warm white”
  • >3000K  work well for commercial applications – “cooler blue” like a gas station
  • LED bulbs stay cooler; therefore snow does not melt off as well. For this reason, in-ground can lights might not work as well for up-lighting as an above ground accent light, where snow is less likely to cover the fixture.


Average Cost for a New LED Landscape Lighting System

15 aluminum cast fixtures (6 up lights, 9 path light) is approximately $4000.00

Including 300 W transformer, 500 feet of wire and labor




Graphix Wall

This contemporary wall has both a smooth and chiseled texture giving depth and dimensional interest. Great for retaining soil, building planters, vertical elements such as fire, water or outdoor kitchen features.

Borealis Paver

Reclaimed wood applications have been trending for interiors elements of homes for some time. Techo-Bloc is now allowing us to pull that aesthetic into your outdoor spaces. The modular 5” and 10” wide slabs will have you guessing weather it is hardwood or concrete. This product is beautiful for a poolside deck or patio.

Borealis Wall

The beauty of wood set in stone. A new and integral part of Techo-Bloc’s wood look-alike collection. Inspired by the use of railroad ties in both traditional and modern landscape design, the Borealis wall/edge’s versatility extends from simple edging for flowerbeds all the way to the creation of double-sided walls and garden walls. Offered in 3 alluring wood colors and compatible with the rest of the Borealis collection of products, Borealis wall is the best choice for capturing the esthetics of wood with the practicality and durability of concrete.



Travertina Paver

Travertina has the elegant allure and subtle matte finish of the honed Travertine limestone used in the great masterpieces of Italian architecture. Modern, polished and sophisticated – wherever and however it is used. Now available in ivory, rock garden brown and riviera colors to create your customized masterpiece. 



 Paloform Fire Features

Bento  Firebox

Bento firebox is the quintessential modern campfire. Cast by hand in smooth, high-performance concrete, Bento fire pit’s geometry and crisp details have minimalist style and a substantial feel. Bento’s square footprint allows it to be easily incorporated into a modern landscape design and creates a modern fire frame that serves as a clean counterpoint to the soft randomness of fire.

Bento includes your choice of two burner styles: a manually-lit version with standing pilot and safety thermocouple, or with electronic ignition that may be controlled with a wall switch or wireless remote. The burners are available in natural gas or propane.



Bento Corten Firebox

Bento Corten is the weathering steel version of our square, modern campfire, combining the mesmerizing beauty of open flame with the rich patina of rusted metal. The square format, available in two sizes, 32x32x12.75″ and 42x42x12.75″ (pictured), is the perfect centerpiece to a modern entertaining space.

Miso Modern Outdoor Firebowls

Miso is a peaceful firebowl with wide, shallow dimensions. A classic centerpiece to outdoor rooms and patios of any style, its low stature is reminiscent of a campfire. Its cast concrete vessel is attractive and functional: weather-resistant, substantial with clean, crisp lines that convey an air of sophistication. Miso fire pit is 36″ in diameter and 12″ tall. It is available in natural gas or propane-fueled versions which provide coziness on cool evenings and a warm, mesmerizing glow that can only come from open flame. 


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